A Rose Through Concrete


Welcome back to Worldly Weighs. Nino fresh out the shower with a thought. If original people have truly been wiped of their identity and culture, as we seem to believe we have, we must accept that when faced with the relics and representations of that “lost” culture and identity, we will not recognize ourselves in them at all UNLESS by some miraculous “intunement/atonement” has taken place.
So, when we see it, we will look at it as “crazy” or “too extreme” or worse.
The reality is, our culture was not something we adopted. It was our nature expressed. So, as long as we’re alive, over time , little pieces of that nature will spark through our DNA and express themselves through individual people.

This is why you will see more and more face tattoos, piercings, study of natural occurences, polygamous relationships, slang/language creation, etc. These are all ancient practices based upon our natural dispositions. Over time, our DNA and natural connection seeps through our systematic indoctrination, causing ruptures in their “program”, inspiring us to leave their religions and institutes to find our own way. Add that with the new popularity of being healthy, and that in itself clears many pathways into who we truly are, rather than who they shaped us to be.
Sure, in North America, face tattoos, and all of that stuff is frowned upon..looked at as freakish and weird..but that’s what we always were looked upon as by the colonistic, imperialistic oppressors worldwide. That was part of their “reason” behind racism. The trippy part is why do WE look at it as such? Are we that inculturated by our oppression that we abhor what we used to and innately think is beautiful? Are we traumatized from slavery so much that we just wanna distance ourselves from anything that “massuh” tried to stomp out during our spirit-breaking process?
I say that, to say this..even you’re judging someone, wonder through whose eyes are you viewing them. Are they your eyes? Or are they the eyes wearing filters given to you by someone who hates you and all you are and will be? Don’t get me wrong, every tribe didn’t express themselves the same way, so certain things, you just may not have the propensity to do, innately or otherwise..just don’t condemn others for gradually waking up, just because you’re still asleep. Peace.

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